22 Jul 2019

AskAudio on the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection: "Gorgeous tape sound"

"This is an excellent bundle of modelled tape machines, easy to use and with a really pleasing sound"

Taking a close look at the new T-RackS Tape Machine Collection, Hollin Jones, contributing editor for AskAudio, was impressed by its realism, flexibility and ease of use.
Here are some of his key comments:

"These can actually be used either inside the T-RackS application or as standalone plugins in your DAW, so they are perfect for tracking and mixing."

"The Tape speed control, which can be set at 7.5, 15 or 30 inches per second, with higher speeds meaning greater fidelity and slower ones, a warmer and more saturated tone."

"The T-RackS Tape Machine Collection takes you back to the heyday of rich, warm sound."

"Transport modeling recreates the tiny fluctuations in the way physical tape mechanisms moved and this affected the sound, while record bias and true stereo controls can also be used to make the sound more - or less - imperfect in subtle ways."

"On top of all that you can even choose tape types - 250, 456, GP9 and 499 all recreate specific brands and types of physical tape and have different responses and characters."

"Personally, I love the sound of tape and find tape emulation to be a great way to warm up my productions in the easiest way possible."

Hollin's final verdict was:

"This is an excellent bundle of modelled tape machines, easy to use and with a really pleasing sound that can take you anywhere from subtle warming through to full-on classic tape wobble."


+ Gorgeous tape sound
+ Warm up any tracks you use them on
+ Use inside T-RackS or as standalone plugins
+ Easy to use
+ Subtle or heavier effects
+ Much easier than using real tape
+ Mix and match machines and tape types


- None

Read the full review on AskAudio
Learn more about the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection

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