1 Aug 2019

Gus G Talks AXE I/O

Gus G, guitarist of Firewind, talks about using AXE I/O to record at home.

Heavy Metal guitarist, Gus G, has spent his life playing as a member of bands like Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil, and for Ozzy Osbourne.  Starting guitar lessons at the age of 10, Gus has centered his life around these six strings.  After spending some time with AXE I/O in his home studio, Gus began to love all of the features built-in with the guitar player in mind.  He says,

"The AXE I/O is the ultimate interface for guitar players. I recently started using it in my home studio and have been writing & recording the new Firewind album on it. I personally love the active/passive switch, as I use various guitars with different pickups and this sets right away the perfect output & gain you need depending on what pickups you use. The J-FET is an awesome feature as well, I use that a lot. If you are a recording guitarist, you need this."

When first receiving the AXE I/O, Gus made this video showing off his new gear to his fans.

Learn more about AXE I/O here.

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