4 Jun 2019

DJ Mag on UNO Synth: "A wicked sounding analog synth"

"The UNO is a very capable synth that sits perfectly in any DJ/producer’s studio"

DJ Mag has been taking a close look at UNO Synth, courtesy of tech editor Mick Wilson. He was immediately impressed by its sound quality and programmability.

Here are some of his key comments:

"It’s a true analogue beast, and behind the all-plastic casing, there’s a true monster sound."

"The sound – which is probably the most important factor – is incredibly good."

 "When fired up, the UNO sounds pretty impressive and covers a surprisingly large range of sounds with aplomb – the 100 presets do a good job in showcasing what the synth is all about, from deep dirty basses to gritty top leads."

"Getting results is easy and quick, especially when using the cutoff knob – a standard go-to for instant sound-shaping gratification."

"The fact that the editor can be used on iOS devices is great as the UNO can also be powered by batteries, making it a very compact and portable synth."

"The keyboard can be used to program the built-in sequencer, in real-time or step-time modes. For something so small and compact we have to say the synth really is feature rich."

Mick's final verdict is:

"The UNO is a very capable synth that would sit perfectly in any DJ/producer’s studio – we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to get into the world of hardware analogue synths."

Final Score:
9/10 - Ease of Use
9/10 - Features
9/10 - Value for Money
9/10 - Sound quality

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Learn more about UNO Synth


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