19 Jun 2019

9to5toys.com Reviews iRig Micro Amp

“...it offers up a ton of value and practicality in one tiny and... quite affordable little box.”

9to5toys.com dove headfirst into exploring our tiny powerhouse, iRig Micro Amp.  Talking about IK's usability from recording interfaces, to drum machines, and more, 9to5toys compliments us for always having our customers needs in mind.  When designing iRig Micro Amp, we did exactly that.  Each feature from the built-in audio interface, app integration capabilities, lightweight durability, and more was created with you, the practical musician, in mind.  This is why iRig Micro Amp is the perfect device for guitarists and musicians to bring along with them on every musical journey to come.  Here are our favorite points from the review:

“...it offers up a ton of value and practicality in one tiny and, all things considered, quite affordable little box.”

“...I have experienced a few mini guitar amps in the past that are, let’s just say, noisy at best. But the iRig Micro, on the other hand, is about as devoid of hiss and hum as you could ask for.”

...All things considered, I was significantly more impressed with the iRig Micro Amp than expected.

“...The added bonus of doubling as what could be an expensive audio interface is just the icing on the cake. And the software side amp emulation takes it over the top. "

Read the full review on 9to5toys.com here.

Learn more about iRig Micro Amp here.

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