17 May 2019

Attack Magazine on UNO Synth: "So versatile and addictive"

"A high-quality analogue monosynth that’ll keep you coming back for more "

Attack Magazine has taken a close look at UNO Synth, courtesy of synth expert James Russell. He was impressed by the analog sound quality, ease of use and performance features.
Here are some of his key comments:

"This is a synth that touts its sound and functions, which results in a high-quality analogue monosynth that’ll keep you coming back for more – forsaking deadlines and basic nutrition along the way."

"Most crucially there’s nothing missing whatsoever."

"While I was skeptical about the keyboard to begin with, it’s actually very accessible, intuitive and its hard to put a note wrong with."

"The capable arpeggiator is one of many performance controls that make the UNO Synth so versatile and addictive."

"The overwhelming impression of the UNO Synth is that it’s fun, creative and inspiring thanks to the sheer amount of stuff you can do with it. If you’re looking for rich, punchy, classic analogue sounds at a budget then this is for you."

"The UNO Synth’s arpeggiator is probably its most fun feature. A monosynth absolutely needs an arpeggiator so it’s great to see how fully-featured this particular one is."

James's final verdict was:

"The UNO Synth is a great way to get started if you’re on a budget and demand an analogue signal path. It’ll help new synthesists learn their first principles for cheap, it has enough functions to keep it part of someone’s setup long after and it could be a trusty, portable friend for experienced professionals who don’t want to lug around their expensive gear."

5 out of 5 - Sound
5 out of 5 - Value

Read the full review in Attack Magazine
Learn more about UNO Synth


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