15 May 2019

Gavin Lurssen on Mastering Game of Thrones

Gavin and Reuben of Lurssen Mastering talk about their experience with the score of Game of Thrones.

Creating Game of Thrones, one of the world's most popular TV shows takes the dedication and talent of many different people - including GRAMMY-winning mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen, the creators of Lurssen Mastering Console. Each season these two work with composer Ramin Djawadi to help bring the show to life, mastering the score of each episode to guide the story. IK recently caught up with these two to reflect on their journey over 8 seasons, and to give us some advice on mastering scores for film and TV.

Gavin and Reuben have been working with IK for many years. Their studio, Lurssen Mastering, has helped bring many great soundtracks, albums, and songs to life with their unique console, workflow and expertise. As great fans of their work, we teamed up with Lurssen to bring this console to your studio with our Lurssen Mastering Console.

Lurssen Mastering Console is a totally new approach to digital audio mastering, providing a complete emulation of the entire mastering processing chain used by mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen, not to mention their techniques, workflow and expertise. This chain includes tube equalizers, solid state equalizers, limiters, de-essers and solid state compressors. Available on both Mac/PC and iOS, Lurssen Mastering Console makes it easy to master your music anywhere, from King’s Landing to beyond the Wall.

Learn more, and grab your own copy of about Lurssen Mastering Console here!

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