1 May 2019

AskAudio on iRig Micro Amp: "A fascinating proposition!"

"Really solid and ultra-portable"

AskAudio has been taking a close look at iRig Micro Amp, courtesy of expert gear editor, Hollin Jones. He was impressed by its portability, high-quality recording and iOS interfacing.

Here are some of Hollin's comments:

"I’m always on the lookout for ways to achieve what I need to do using as few cables as possible, and here’s something that looks like it can deliver."

"The iRig Micro Amp is small and lightweight at just 1.26KG, but well built."

"It delivers 15W of power when plugged in, or 7.5W when running on batteries. The lower power mode was still fine for practice, while the full 15W was louder in the room than I really expected from such a compact unit."

"It’s a recording and monitoring solution in one."

"Now to the really clever part. The USB connection can go to the computer for recording and processing via the bundled AmpliTube 4 (9 amps and 10 stomps), but you can alternatively connect your iOS device to it."

"There was no latency that I noticed when using my iPhone 8 Plus."

Hollin's final verdict was:

"The iRig Micro Amp is a fascinating proposition for guitarists. Its core feature set makes it a really solid and ultra-portable practice and performance amp with tone controls and headphone output, plus the ability to connect to an external speaker cab. All in all, there will definitely be something here for the mobile recording guitarist in your life."

Key Plusses

+ Very portable, battery-powered option
+ High-quality USB audio recording and playback
+ Conventional guitar amp tone shaping controls
+ iOS interfacing with recording and processing
+ Comes with iOS and desktop software
+ Play, practice, and record anywhere

Read the full review on AskAudio
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