14 Jun 2019

Dave Olea & GuitarraMX review AXE I/O

"IK Multimedia listens to guitarists and makes the perfect interface."

GuitarraMX Magazine and Mexican guitarist Dave Olea recently got together with the only purpose of making a review of the new AXE I/O, our premium audio interface with unparalleled guitar tone shaping capabilities. Don’t miss the video below!

IK Multimedia has hit the target with a brilliant professional quality product, offering a real and practical solution.

Dave Olea

Read the full review at GuitarraMX here.

During the session, Dave Olea tested and explained several features AXE I/O has to offer for perfect guitar tone shaping: Dave talks about the Z-Tone™ circuit, the Amp output for re-amping, the tuner and much more!

Here are some words from Dave Olea's review at GuitarraMX magazine:

“IK Multimedia listens to guitarists and makes the perfect interface.”

AXE I/O is like a wish fulfilled for recording guitarists.

“It works with a 24bit/192kHz audio resolution and a 117dB dynamic range, together with AXE I/O excellent preamps, make it a high end performance interface.”

You can record bass guitar with no compromises, as well as any acoustic instrument using a mic, and you can get your instrument in tune while playing.”

It is easy to realize there are musicians doing things right at IK Multimedia, and that's very good for us. Yeah!"

Learn more about AXE I/O here.

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