19 Mar 2019

Guitarristas.info reviews AXE I/O

Micky Vega from Guitarristas.info made some audio tests with AXE I/O, our new Premium Audio Interface.

Micky Vega from Guitarristas.info had the opportunity to try out AXE I/O, our New Premium Audio Interface, and made a few interesting audio tests of some features found in AXE I/O.

Here some of the highlights from his review:

"AXE I/O, a unit to be considered by guitarists who record in their Home Studio. All in all, it gives a solid and more professional focus feel."

"It has a good collection of features that we do not find in a standard generic interface."

"Another particularly interesting aspect has been finding two elements designed to improve the recording experience through the physical control of parameters."

"Another main dish is the reamp output at the front panel. We have been testing this feature and we have been able to verify that, at least in our tests, the signal we got was remarkably clean and silent (something that does not always happen in this process)."

"We think it offers a result, being able to record and reproduce clear and vigorous signals, in which we didn't get significant noise levels (on the contrary, the signal tends to be quite silent)".

"In general terms, we think it's an interface that is totally capable of taking a spot in the Home Studio of a professional guitarist who needs to record his own songs and send them to other artists."


Micky's conclusion at the end of his tests with AXE I/O is:

"IK Multimedia has done a good job with this interface, which fulfill most of the requirements in audio interfaces for Home Studio and expands them with many options for the guitar tone lovers. And all this, in a more than reasonable size and weight".


Read the full article and listen to the audio tests here.

AXE I/O is a professional 2 in/5 out audio interface – and controller - designed specifically with the needs of the recording guitarist in mind, and with powerful functions aimed for advanced guitar tone design.  Click here to buy AXE I/O now, get the guitar tone you've been waiting for.

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