21 Feb 2019

KR Home-Studio: “In support of the guitar!”

AXE I/O is reviewed by the French magazine KR Home-Studio.

Eric Chautrand of KR Home-Studio tested our AXE I/O audio interface and was really impressed by its features. The distinctive Z-Tone function really caught his eye and made him realize the benefits that AXE I/O brings to recording guitarists. Here's what he thinks:

"The AXE I/O is presented in a matte black box in a ½ rack format, giving it a pretty classy appearance..."

"The clickable PRESET encoder automatically interacts with AmpilTube standalone version to navigate and load the software's sound presets."

"An interesting Z-Tone function, configurable by the musician according to the guitar they're using for their recordings."

"It is with Z-Tone, one of the most exciting features of the AXE I/O."

"We then recorded simultaneously a clean guitar on one track and the sound of the amp on another, while hearing the perfect sound during recording. All that's left is to experiment with AmpliTube and the amp track to make the big sound!"

"Guitarists / bass players are the main audience, thanks to the integration of Z-Tone technologies available on an instrument input and AmpliTube, the now well known modeling software. Plus hardware re-amping functions that offer a milestone in the history of digital audio."

Plus Points:

  • Variable impedance input Z-Tone
  • Integrated re-amping output and tuner
  • MIDI interface together with inputs for external controllers
  • Programmable preset selector / impressive software bundle
  • Good price point

Visit the KR Home-Studio website to read the full review in French here.

To read more on AXE I/O, visit out webpage here.

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