4 Feb 2019

What Mobile on iKlip 3 Deluxe: "The perfect product for the 21st century musician"

"I really like this product - it’s got everything you want"

What Mobile has been taking a close look at iKlip 3 Deluxe, courtesy of chief editor, Stephen Watson. He was impressed by its mounting options, build quality and value for money. Here are some of his key comments:

"The stand mount is designed to house an iPad or tablet - I currently have an iPad and it fits like a glove, I have also tried a Samsung tablet of a different size and it also fits as the mount can adjust to different sizes."

"What I love about this product compared to others I have used is you have 5 different mounting options such as front, side, boom mounting, top- mount and even a camera tripod adaptor if you want to use your iPad to take pictures."

"The design of this product is made of rugged thermoplastic which allows it to be durable but also easily portable. IK Multimedia has also included sure-grip rubber gripping points that hold the tablet well."

"I really like this product - it’s got everything you want for a tablet mount, it’s durable and allows you to use your tablet even with its protective case on as the mount adjusts to the size you require."

Stephen's final verdict is:

"It's a great purchase for anyone looking to get into music or already in the music industry and wants to add a class of professionalism to their set up."

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