31 Oct 2018

FACT Mag on UNO Synth : "A contender for the budget synth crown!"

"It’s crazy how good it sounds given its tiny size."

FACT magazine's Scott Wilson was impressed by UNO Synth, particularly its ease of use, tweakability and the breadth of sounds it can make.
Here are some of the key comments from his recent review:

"The two oscillators are capable of a much wider range of analog sound than something like a Volca Bass, which only has sawtooth and square wave options."

"The best part is probably the LFO section, which can be used to modulate pitch, filter and amplitude and further wring dank, squelchy sounds out of something that weighs about the same as a 250-page paperback. It’s crazy how good it sounds given its tiny size."

"It’s this portability where the UNO really excels... the UNO is about the size of a medium tablet and is so light you really can carry it anywhere."

"It allows you to throw it in a backpack with very little risk of accidentally tearing delicate parts off in transit."

"Surprisingly for a budget synthesizer, the UNO has its own official software editor – something even Korg and Roland don’t make for their Volcas and Boutiques. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it dramatically increases the functionality of the UNO."

Scott's final verdict was:

"I’m impressed by the UNO. It’s easy to use and fun to program, the 100 included presets – which cover everything from thick bass slabs to cosmic leads and percussive sounds – are excellent, and most importantly, it sounds good enough that people will probably want to use it in their own productions."

Read the full review on FACT
Learn more about UNO Synth

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