16 Oct 2018

Harmony Central Experts Spend Time with UNO Synth

Harmony Central answers the question - "Just how good can a $200 analog synth really be?"

Phil O'Keefe of Harmony Central answers the question - "Just how good can a $200 analog synth really be?"  After spending some time with our UNO Synth and UNO Synth Editor, they are back with a positive answer to this question.  Here are some of our favorite quotes from the review:

"IK Multimedia's UNO Synth is an impressive achievement. Its big beefy analog sound and wealth of features would be right at home on a synth costing twice as much - the fact that they're selling this very smartly-designed Italian-built synth for just under $200 is pretty incredible."
"It has a wealth of features that you might not expect, especially in light of its very affordable price."
"With two voltage controlled oscillators, a noise generator, multimode VCF, multi-waveform LFO, filter and amplitude envelopes, delay, sequencer, arpeggiator and a really appealing sound… what's not to love?"
"You really do get a lot of analog synth for the money with IK Multimedia's UNO Synth. Whether you are looking for your first synth, want to add to your existing stage or studio rig, or you're in the market for a full-featured analog monophonic synth that you can take with you just about anywhere, UNO Synth is a synth that you need to add to your short list."
"Regardless of what else you may already own, you're going to want one of these surprisingly inexpensive, great-sounding and very cool little analog hardware synths."
"The layout of the top panel is well-organized in a way that is very logical and easy to figure out if you're familiar with subtractive analog synthesis, and yet it's not going to be too intimidating to those who are less familiar with synths."
"Both step and real time sequence recording methods are supported. Even more impressive is UNO's ability to record parameter changes into the sequencer, giving you the ability to subtly or drastically change sounds as the sequence plays."
Read the full review here and join Harmomy Central's their thread in the Keys, Synths & Samplers forum to keep up with news on UNO Synth and similar topics.
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