9 Oct 2018

Electronic Musician UNO Synth Editor Review

EM is back with an UNO Editor review appearing both online and in their print magazine this month.

After an UNO Synth First Look, Electronic Musician is back with a stand alone UNO Synth Editor review appearing both online and in their print magazine this month.  "With IK Multimedia’s new UNO Synth Editor, you can now tweak a full range of synthesis parameters, including modulation of oscillator waveform and full ADSR functionality".  Described as a must-have app for all UNO Synth Users,  this review shows all of the added features that are available when you combine the UNO Synth with its digital editor.  Here are some highlights from the review:

In my original review for the hardware, I commented on the hardware’s omission of filter keyboard tracking — essential for tuned resonant noise effects. While it was always available via MIDI, in the editor it’s easy to set up much more precisely.

Francis Preve, Electronic Musician Magazine

"The UNO Synth’s unique performance switches are now easily configurable, so you can fine-tune the depth of the pitch dive and scoop options, as well as set the modulation amounts for the LFO applied to pitch, cutoff , and amp."

"You can name your presets and store them on your computing platform or directly into one of the unit’s 100 memory locations, without names."

"For prospective buyers, this revelation may tip the scales in determining their purchase. For existing users, it’s a wonderful bonus for this excellent portable monosynth."

Read more here from Francis of Electronic Musician about our UNO Synth and its UNO Synth Editor.


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