2 Oct 2018

SynthMania Explores the Features and Reviews the UNO Synth Editor.

Join Paolo of SynthMania in this in-depth look at the UNO Synth Editor.

Join Paolo of SynthMania in this in-depth look at the UNO Synth Editor.  From hardware setup, to editor sections and function, making a percussion patch, filters, LFO, delay, and more!  After an initial UNO Synth first look video, SynthMania is back to dive deeper into our analog synthesizer and its software editor.  Here are some highlights from the video:

"With the editor you have a lot more knobs and it’s a lot easier to program.”

"Once cool thing you have here, they call it the carousel, you have really quick access to all 100 patches on the UNO Synth. . ."

"With the editor, the UNO Synth becomes really flexible, and it’s easy to create new sounds, very quickly, and save them, store them, and recall them quite easily.”

"As you can see and hear, it’s real easy to use, and fast."

With 25 minutes of content, Paolo has so much more to say about the UNO Synth Editor and its capabilities.  He even ends the video with a track entirely made on the UNO Synth Editor.  View the full video below:

For more information about UNO Synth and the UNO Synth Editor, head over to our website here.

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