17 Sep 2018

The Logic Pros Review UNO Synth

"Extremely affordable and solid sounding analog instrument"

We've been raving about UNO Synth for months, but now it's time to hear from the pros.  Justin and Jordan Kahn are known as The Logic Pros, giving advice and review to all products and softwares that can be used with the Logic Pro digital audio workstation.  Recently, they spent some time with IK's UNO Synth.  Here is what they have to say:

Comparing it to a "gateway drug" the Logic Pros say that UNO Synth is the perfect entry level unit into the world of analog synthesizers.  When taking a look at the build quality, "[they] noticed how light it was and the almost tablet-like shape of the synth".

Discussing features, they talk about UNO's ADSR filter and amplitude envelopes.  "UNO’s LFO supports a series of wave shapes from sine and square to sample and hold. We get physical controls for the wave selection, rate as well as normalized connections to the oscillator pitch and filter cut-off."  They touch on performance controls, the sequencer/arpeggiator, and the iOs/Mac integrated UNO Synth Editor.

In a final statement they conclude, "I would suggest that IK’s new UNO synth might actually be one of, if not the best introductory options for those looking to dive into hardware instruments."  "If you’re on the fence in that regard, UNO is an extremely affordable and solid sounding analog instrument to figure it all out."

Read the full review by The Logic Pros here.

Get started with UNO Synth here.

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