9 Jul 2018

Making UNO Synth

How we made our first analog synth, from PCB to the final product

UNO Synth is IK's first entry into the hardware synth world, and we would like to take you through how we built the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer - step by step.

UNO Synth is IK's first entry into the hardware synth world, and we would like to take you through how we built the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer - step by step. Our goal was to create an affordable, real analog synth with professional sound, easy enough for anyone to use - from beginner to seasoned professional.

Watch as IK takes you through UNO Synth's journey from PCB (printed circuit board) to completed product on our Facebook page.  We add new photos every day, so make sure you keep checking back!

During the first step, learn how we silkscreen the soldering paste on the PCB in preparation for the placement of the components by the SMT (surface mounting technology) "pick and place" machine and the reflow soldering oven which will affix the placed components to your UNO Synth's circuit boards.

Step 1 had so many photos of the silkscreening, placement, and soldering of components that we had to post three parts!  Click here for Step 1, Part 2.   Click here for Step 1, Part 3.

Next, in Step 2, the AOI (automatic optical inspection) machine uses a high-definition camera performs a quality check of the previous step using color contrast illumination technology.  We also perform manual quality assurance during this step.

During Step 3, the PTH (plate-through hole) components are placed on the boards that are used to make your UNO Synth.  We start by manually placing and soldering components on some initial units and then when we are sure all is perfect, we can use the wave soldering machine to automate and monitor this process to ensure your UNO Synth is the best it can be.

Step 3 had so many photos we also split it into parts.  Click here to see Step 3, Part 2Click here to see Step 3, Part 3.

Step 4 shows the firmware programming and functional testing of UNO Synth.  This is a sequence of manual and automated processes to ensure all the parts of your UNO Synth are working properly and according to specifications.  We also fine trim each board to ensure that its behavior is within the specified tolerance.

Make sure you also don't miss Step 4, Part 2 where you can see further functional testing of UNO Synth before it gets assembled and ready to ship.

Step 5 shows the boards being put into the enclosure as well as mounting knobs and making sure all of the connections (including the connections between the two boards in your UNO Synth - the capsense touch-sensitive buttons and the main board) are made and are solid.

You can see more of the assembly process in Step 5, Part 2.  Your UNO Synth is really coming together by this point!

Step 6 shows your UNO Synth being put through rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure flawless play-ability right out of the box! USB connection, power/sound output, knob configurations and more to put users at ease, knowing your UNO Synth has passed all of our demanding tests before being delivered to you.

Step 7 shows that your UNO Synth unit is packaged, boxed, and ready to ship! We can't wait for you to have your units delivered, and they are nearly on their way. Be on the lookout for yours!

UNO Synth is set to ship July 19, 2018 so you'll have your new true analog synthesizer soon.

Free ground/economy shipping is available on orders over $/€99 until July 31st, 2018.  The free shipping will be applied automatically with a valid purchase on the IK online store.

Want to learn more about UNO Synth?  Visit the UNO Synth page on our web site for full details, make sure you sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

We look forward to hearing what YOU can do with UNO Synth true analog synthesizer!  When you get yours, be sure to share on social media and tag IK Multimedia:

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YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/ikmultimedia

Be sure to use the hashtag #unosynth too.

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