26 Jun 2018

Tom Lord-Alge has done it again!

Over 100 new incredible T-RackS 5 module presets from the Grammy® winning mix engineer

New signature presets from a master! Let Tom Lord-Alge help you push your mixing skills to a new high with T-RackS 5 and finely-crafted module presets from the Grammy® winning studio veteran.

Over 100 new exclusive signature module presets have been designed and programmed by Grammy® Award winning engineer and mixer Tom Lord-Alge, giving T-RackS 5 users access to individual module presets for the amazing mixing and mastering processors you may have in T-RackS 5, T-RackS 5 MAX, or can purchase individually from the Custom Shop. T-Racks 5 signature presets are perfect to help you when mixing vocals, bass, guitar, drums and even master bus configurations. Each preset can be easily integrated into your sessions so you can get the results you aim for quickly and easily as well as tweak them to fit your sound.

Tom Lord-Alge is a 3 time Grammy Award-winning producer and mix engineer. One of Tom’s first major projects was the Multi-Grammy Award-winning album “Back In The High Life” by Steve Winwood for which Tom earned his first of two Best Engineered Recording Grammy Awards.

During this time Tom also worked with artists such as Peter Gabriel, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, The Rolling Stones, U2, Pink, Marylin Manson, Blink 182 and countless others whom have all benefited from the expertise and creativity he brings to the art of mixing.

Tom has created special custom vocal and instrument processing mix presets for T-RackS 5 users available for free exclusively from IK Multimedia, including both global chain presets and single module presets for his most commonly used favorites.


CSR Plate (1 Preset)
TLA Group Vocals 1.tr5m

EQ-81 (1 Preset)
TLA2 Snare 1.tr5m

EQ-PG (2 Presets)
TLA2 Hi Tom.tr5m
TLA2 HiMid Tom.tr5m

CSR Room (3 Presets)
TLA2 Tom Verb.tr5m
TLA2 Snare 1 Verb.tr5m
TLA2 Snare 2.tr5m

Linear Phase EQ (2 Presets)
TLA2 Ride.tr5m
TLA2 LoMid Tom.tr5m

White Channel (3 Presets)
TLA2 China Cym.tr5m
TLA Lead Male Vocal 2.tr5m
TLA Lead Male Vocal 1.tr5m

Classic EQ (1 Presets)
TLA2 Drum Sub.tr5m

Bus Compressor (4 Presets)
TLA2 Drum Sub.tr5m
TLA Group Vocals 2.tr5m
TLA Mix Bus .tr5m
TLA Mix Bus 2.tr5m

EQ-PA (1 Preset)

TLA2 Guitar 1.tr5m

EQ-PB (7 Presets)
TLA2 Female Vocal Lead.tr5m
TLA2 Female BVs 2.tr5m
TLA2 Female BVs.tr5m
TLA2 Backing Vocals.tr5m
TLA2 Lead Vocal.tr5m
TLA2 Keys.tr5m
TLA2 Keyboard Pad.tr5m

ONE (1 Preset)
TLA2 MF Bus Comp.tr5m

Saturator X (4 Presets)
TLA Ac Guitar 1.tr5m
TLA2 Keys Sat.tr5m
TLA2 Snare Top 1.tr5m
TLA Snare Sat 1.tr5m

Precision Comp-Limiter (4 presets)
TLA Acoustic Guitar 2.tr5m
TLA Snare 2.tr5m
TLA Snare 1.tr5m
TLA2 Snare 1.tr5m

EQP-1A (6 Presets)
TLA Mix Buss 1.tr5m
TLA Bass 2.tr5m
TLA2 Lead Synth.tr5m
TLA2 Bass Guitar.tr5m
TLA Mix Buss 2.tr5m
TLA Mix Bus.tr5m

De Esser (4 Presets)
TLA Lead Male Vocal 4.tr5m
TLA Lead Female Vocal 2.tr5m
TLA2 Snare Top 1.tr5m
TLA2 Drum Room.tr5m

Black 76 (10 Presets)
TLA Lead Male Vocal 2.tr5m
TLA Lead Female Vocal 1.tr5m
TLA Bass 2.tr5m
TLA Room.tr5m
TLA2 Hi Tom.tr5m
TLA2 HiMid Tom.tr5m
TLA2 LoMid Tom.tr5m
TLA2 Low Tom.tr5m
TLA2 Room Comp 1.tr5m
TLA Bass 1.tr5m

Brickwall Limiter (3 Presets)
TLA Lead Male Vocal 2.tr5m
TLA Snare 2.tr5m
TLA Mix Bus.tr5m

British Channel (22 Presets)
TLA2 Overheads.tr5m
TLA2 Low Tom.tr5m
TLA2 Snare Post Verb.tr5m
TLA2 Snare 2.tr5m
TLA2 Snare Bottom.tr5m
TLA2 Ft Out.tr5m
TLA2 Ft In.tr5m
TLA2 Weez Ft.tr5m
TLA2 Room 1.tr5m
TLA2 Hi Hats.tr5m

Because Tom is notorious for mixing on classic British mixing consoles, it’s no surprise that one of his favorite T-RackS 5 modules is the British Channel. We’ve pulled all of the individual drum track settings from the drum mixing session he did for his video with IK Multimedia and provide them here to insert on your drum tracks.

TLA Lead Male Vocal 3.tr5m
TLA Lead Female Vocal 1.tr5m
TLA Tom 2.tr5m
TLA Tom 1.tr5m
TLA Snare 2.tr5m
TLA Snare 4.tr5m
TLA Snare 3.tr5m
TLA Snare 1.tr5m
TLA Room.tr5m
TLA Overheads.tr5m
TLA Kick 2.tr5m
TLA Kick 1.tr5m

Since often times Tom Lord-Alge can use just the onboard EQ and Dynamics of a classic British mixing console for individual drums or when mixing inside the box (where he prefers the British Channel over many other models of its kind), we thought it would be useful to have individual module presets to use as inserts for the drums. These were taken from Tom’s global chain presets for T-RackS 5.

White Channel (14 Presets)
TLA Lead Male Vocal 1.tr5m
TLA Lead Male Vocal 2.tr5m
TLA2 China Cym.tr5m
TLA2 Overheads 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Low Tom 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Snare Post Verb 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Snare 2 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Snare Bottom 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Ft Out 9k.tr5m (kick drum out mic)
TLA2 Ft In 9k.tr5m (kick drum in mic)
TLA2 Weez Ft 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Room 1 9k.tr5m
TLA2 Hi Hats 9k.tr5m
TLA Snare 1 9k.tr5m

EQ-73 (10 Presets)
TLA2 Piano.tr5m
TLA2 Lead Guitar.tr5m
TLA2 Guitars 2.tr5m
TLA2 Drum Room.tr5m
TLA Group Vocals 1.tr5m
TLA Acoustic Guitar 2.tr5m
TLA Acoustic Guitar 1.tr5m
TLA El Guitar.tr5m
TLA Bass Guitar 2.tr5m
TLA Bass Guitar 1.tr5m

Note: Presets are available for all users who have downloaded and authorized T-RackS 5 Custom Shop, T-RackS 5, T-RackS 5 Deluxe or T-RackS 5 MAX and can be downloaded from the User Area.

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