4 Jun 2018

Performer Magazine on iRig Mic HD 2 and iRig Pre HD: "Old media, meet the future"

"IK Multimedia has two products here that are a big part of the mobilizing and democratizing of music production"

"Armed only with an iPhone, a pair of headphones, and iRig Mic HD 2, you could create broadcast quality content from anywhere on earth"

Rob Tavaglione from Performer Magazine was able to get his hands on an iRig Pre HD and iRig Mic HD 2 and was intrigued on how these products revolutionize mobile recording. Here are some of the highlights:

"Seems to me the iRig Mic HD2 is quite good for some quick 4-tracking of music ideas on your iDevice but where it really shines will be for the run-n-gun ENG (electronic news gathering) content producer on-the go."

"Acoustic guitar, Cajon drum and vocals all translated nicely, as I adjusted mic sensitivity appropriately for each source. Even so, as I did some loud vocals that must’ve gotten in the red or close to it, the mic absorbed the peak loudly and cleanly."

"So, let’s say that content requires special handling…it would be nice to have a mic preamp with 48 V phantom power for condensers, lots of clean gain for quiet sources and the convenience of iOS compatibility. That’s where the Pre HD steps in with that phantom power, 60 dB of gain, the same tri-color metering scheme as the iRig Mic HD2, the same 1/8” headphone output and Direct Monitoring so you can listen to the mic’s output prior to recording and without the distraction of latency."

"I hooked the Pre HD up to my Mac Pro for a little music production and got predictably good results across a wide variety of inputs (acoustic guitar, tambos, Cajon, vocals, floor tom, piano) with very little self-noise from the Pre HD, wide frequency response, good dynamics and sufficient headroom."

Check out the full article here.

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