2 Nov 2010

AmpliTube for iPad "Electrifies" Apple's New TV Ad!

"iPad is Electric" Ad kicks off guitar and bass for iPad, ends with great tone

Apple's new TV advertisement features a lot of apps, but ends with only one turning the whole sound "Electric" with AmpliTube for iPad! Third in the series, the new Apple TV advertisement for iPad, "iPad is Electric"  debuted on Nov 1st, 2010, during the final chapter of the United States "World Series" baseball game, and is already featured on several Apple news websites for inspiring guitarists and bassists to buy an iPad and the hottest new app for music creation!

Watch the "electrifying" new Apple TV iPad advertisement featuring AmpliTube for iPad.

AmpliTube for iPad was the only music creation app to be featured in the Apple's newest iPad television advertisement, with millions of viewers watching one of the hottest sporting events of the year in the United States - the final game of the 2010 World Series.

Learn more about guitar and bass for iPad musicians, with AmpliTube for iPad and the iRig plug adapter.

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