3 May 2018

Syntronik iOS Version 1.2 released!

Turn your device into a classic synth dream studio

Version 1.2 of Syntronik iOS has been updated. 5 New Synths available for purchase now!

IK has released Syntronik iOS Version 1.2, available for download from the app store for just $9.99!

Syntronik 1.2 features 5 New Synths: M-Poly, Memory-V, Modulum, SH-V and VCF3, as well as 450 brand new presets. You can purchase these a la cart or as part of the new Syntronik Deluxe Collection - unlocking all 22 virtual Synths via in-app purchase as well!

Syntronik is the most authentic sounding analog virtual synthesizer to date and is the one-stop solution for musicians, discerning producers and synth aficionados demanding the utmost sound quality and extreme playability both live and in the studio.

Synths at your fingertips

An expandable collection of 22 virtual synthesizers, letting you play and record with the timeless sounds from 44 legendary synths with cutting edge features and effects, this fully functional version of Syntronik contains 50 carefully selected instruments coming from 17 Synth models, covering an incredibly wide range of sounds, all of which are unlocked upon purchase of Syntronik iOS (1.2). Instrument presets can be loaded into 4-Part “Multis” for splits and layers, and each Part contains a full Synth with its own dedicated arpeggiator and 5-slot effects rack for uncompromised sound design flexibility. With a vast array of stellar sounding instrument presets, carefully programmed Multis* and compelling arpeggios, you literally have an inspiration factory at your fingertips.

You can conveniently purchase each individual Synth model at any time for $9.99 via the in-app shop.

What's New in V1.2?

  • 5 new Synths available: M-Poly, Memory-V, Modulum, SH-V and VCF3
  • Syntronik Deluxe Collection available: unlocks all 22 Synths
  • 450 incredible new presets

Record with Syntronik and your favorite apps

Syntronik for iOS fully supports Audio Units compatible host applications like GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, AUM Mixer and others, allowing you to easily record multitrack projects on the go using you favorite synths from the collection.

It's In Our DNA

We selected some of the most sought after synthesizers, sourced only the best instruments from private collections, and painstakingly sampled them. Sound designers worked hand in hand with software developers to take full advantage of this “synthesizer DNA,” with the goal of offering a highly flexible instrument that would maintain the exact sonic character of the originals while extending their creative potential even further.

Lead Features:

  • An expandable collection of up to 22 virtual synths providing the iconic, timeless sounds from 44 legendary machines
  • Dynamic arpeggiators: create complex and compelling rhythmic lines
  • 200 multis: combine instruments, easily define ranges, split points, FX and sequences for never-heard-before sounds
  • DRIFT™ technology: exact emulation of analog circuit behavior over time
  • Over 1600 stellar instrument sounding presets
  • Over 100 ready to use, expressive arpeggios

New in-app purchases for Syntronik include:

  • Syntronik - $79.99 (Unlocks full content of all 17 Synths available in Syntronik iOS, including 1600 instrument presets and full sound-sets)
  • Syntronik Deluxe - $99.99 (Unlocks full content of all 17 Synths + 5 New Synths)
  • Syntronik Deluxe Upgrade - $19.99 (Unlocks 5 new Synths: M-Poly, Memory-V, Modulum, SH-V and VCF3, available and visible only if Syntronik ($79.99) or all 17 Synths are purchased individually.)
  • Individual Synths - $9.99

Available as Free App

Download the free version - Syntronik CS - from the App Store, which is a fully functional version of Syntronik that includes 7 carefully selected instrument presets from 4 Synth models (Blau, Minimod, Pro-V and V-80) and start experimenting and playing with Parts, Multis, effects and arpeggiators.

You can conveniently purchase the full version or each individual model at any time via the in-app shop.

Click Here to learn more about Syntronik iOS

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