13 Apr 2018

Electronic Musician on T-RackS 5: “A significant upgrade that’s well worth the price.”

“T-Racks has evolved into a significant collection of mixing and mastering software tools.”

Composer, producer and multiintrumentalist Mike Levine provides a fresh take on T-Racks 5, asserting T-RackS 5 as a viable platform for DIY mastering. “Especially useful to those new to mastering.”

Mike Levine tried his hand at the remastered mix and mastering suite that is the powerful T-RackS 5, and came away impressed with the newly designed flexible graphical user interface, new features, sound quality, and new models.

Here are some of the key takeaways from his review:

“With all its new capabilities, the standalone T-RackS 5 is now a more serious mastering platform”

“Although their frequencies are preset, IK chose them wisely, and they’re effective for subtle tweaks, which is what you want in a mastering EQ.”

“It’s great for quickly creating usable settings and will be especially useful to those new to mastering.”

“I found Dyna-Mu to be an excellent choice on bass, drums, acoustic guitar—pretty much any source I tried it on. Its tube emulation provides a subtle but pleasing fattening to the sound.”

“Equal sounds quite clean and you can vary the sound by selecting different EQ curves. It’s significantly different from the Classic T-Racks Equalizer that comes in the standard version of T-Racks 5, and it’s a nice addition to the full collection.”

“The changes made to the standalone version—particularly the addition of the Assembly window and the new export options—make T-Racks 5 a viable platform for DIY mastering. And with the new pricing for T-Racks 5 Deluxe and Max, it’s more affordable than ever.”

Major Strengths:

•    Assembly window for album projects.
•    Expanded metering.
•    Multiple export options.
•    All-in-one mastering using One.
•    Dyna-Mu module.
•    Equal offers filter shapes from classic EQs.
•    Master Match frequency matching.

Learn more about T-RackS 5 here
Read the full review on Electronic Musician here



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