6 Feb 2018

SoundBytes on iRig Pre HD: “A very handy solution. Literally.”

“It is surprising how good this small thing is.”

“Handy microphone recording solution for every pocket – quite literally; a small, inexpensive interface with A class preamps.”

Alex Arsov of SoundBytes has taken a close look at iRig Pre HD, and he was extremely impressed with its portability and the audio quality results. Here some of his key comments:

“I already have a few IKM hardware products, so I knew what to expect when I ordered this one, being sure that it would make my musical life a bit easier.”

“No matter that in the specifications it says that the gain range is 40 dB, I found iRig Pre HD to be loud enough for recording vocals normally.”

“Here the signal was loud but very clean with nice definition.”

“You might think that normal USB interfaces are not such big beasts, but it makes a difference if you can just put your USB interface into your pocket and use an iPhone instead of your laptop.”

“The main advantage of iRig Pre HD is not just the pocket size along with the low price, while still having class A preamps, but the fact that it also works with iPhone, iPod range, as with Mac, PC and even with Android.”

“It is surprising how good this small thing is.”

“I believe that this piece of software from IK Multimedia is a quality one.”

“I’m already using it in my home studio as the main microphone preamp and will use it in video production.”

The final verdict was:

“For €99 EUR you get big quality in a small box that gives you professional results, works with all microphones and can be connected to most platforms.”


Learn more about iRig Pre HD.
Read the full review on SoundBytes.

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