30 Nov 2017

MusicNation on T-RackS 5: “I love, love, love the new flat sheen look”

“I’ve been counting the days before I could get my grubby mitts on the new software for a play.”

“Having an in-house professional grade exporting system is wonderful news.”

Music Nation has tested our ultimate mix and master modular workstation and was impressed by its redesigned interface, workflow and sound quality. Here are some key comments:

“Firstly, let me say amazing job on the interface, it looks gorgeous.”

I love, love, love the new flat sheen look, a huge step up from the previous design and gives the whole platform a very pro look.”

“The signal-flow screen is so easy to follow now. Drag and dropping new devices is a snap, you can add something inline or under another device to create a split.”

“Having an in-house professional grade exporting system is wonderful news.”

“The optional signature presets are a must to download, featuring a curated selection from Nick Davis and Tom Lord-Alge. Great starting points and insightful tips on how the greats get their signature tone.”

“As individual DAW track effects, this really is a star-spangled showcase of all the major devices you’ll ever see or need in a studio. Other than the super rare and obscure stuff, you find all the brands you’ll ever need right here – Neve, DBX, SSL, Urei, API…”

“[One]  It has a very natural and almost transparent sound, mostly all you need for master bus levelling. […] I really like the basic punch dial mostly, I’m quite surprised how transparent it is on full mixes.”

Master Match is possibly the more interesting of the new device. In theory, you can copy the EQ response from a source track and apply it to your mix.”

“[EQual] it’s simple and quick to use, and with it’s scaling interface looks equally as gorgeous.”

“T-RackS CS, visually and work-flow wise it’s a massive step up. The new flat look and excellent workflow reset T-RackS as the top dog mastering suite, awesome stuff.”

Read the full review here.
Learn more about T-RackS 5 here.




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