22 Aug 2012

Graduate to Physical Control Over Your Mixes with iRig Mix!

FoxNews: "Tech Toys: The hottest gadgets of the week"

Quotes from the feature of iRig MIX on FoxNews.com's "Tech Toys: the hottest gadgets of the week":

"There are a lot of good/great DJ apps for iOS, but if you're ready to graduate to physical control over your mixes, the iRig Mix is a good place to start. This lightweight, portable box offers crossfader, cue, EQ, and volume controls, can be used with a single iOS device or in a more traditional two device setup, and also offers an extra guitar/mic input, standard RCA outputs for direct connection to PAs or powered speakers, and, of course, a headphone output for master or cue monitoring."

Read the article on iRig Mix from FoxNews.com.

Learn more about DJ gear for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iRig Mix.

(ProCamera - 67TY3MHJW9YX)

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