9 Aug 2017

AudioMedia on iLoud Micro Monitor: "A conclusive yes!"

"I could happily mix with the iLouds on a regular basis"

AudioMedia International's mastering guru, Nigel Palmer, has been taking a close look at iLoud Micro Monitor and was impressed with what he found. Here are some of his key comments:

"What I heard surprised me as the sound appeared to come from larger speakers than the little ones on my desk."

"You’ll have to take my word for it that these speakers still put out a surprising amount of lively and solid low frequencies, belying their (impressive for the size) -3dB point of 55Hz."

"Further up the spectrum I wasn’t disappointed either – the frequency response graph provided by the manufacturer is commendably flat."

"Could I actually work with them? I broke out some mixes both in progress and finished, and discovered the answer was a conclusive ‘yes’ – the speakers’ presentation conformed well to the mental image I’d built up of those pieces, and given occasional reference checks I could happily mix with the iLouds on a regular basis."

"I liked the iLoud Micro Monitor, and I like the way IK has covered a number of bases in the design."

Nigel's final conclusion was:

"The sound, which for me is a cut above good computer speakers at a price point quite a bit below the next quality level up, you have something very worthy of a listen."

Read the full AudioMedia International review here
Learn more about iLoud Micro Monitor here

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