17 Feb 2017

Sound on Sound: "MODO BASS is a remarkable piece of work"

"A seriously impressive alternative to a real bass guitar"

"This is the first time I've come across bass guitars modelled in such convincing details. What has been achieved here is most impressive."

Reviewing MODO BASS in the March 2017 issue of Sound on Sound, editor-in-chief Paul White was seriously impressed, calling it both a "Plucky Performer" and "The Mojo of MODO!"

Here are some of his key comments:

"IK’s modelled bass instrument offers both realism and a fantastic degree of realtime control."

"All the little organic noises produced by real basses are recreated, but placed under user control, and there are specific playing nuances that can be activated using keys (MIDI notes) outside the normal range of the instrument."

"Because each note is modelled in real time, each successive note is slightly different in character, just as it is with a real instrument."

"The little string noises add to the realism, and if you want to change the fundamental sound of the bass by changing pickup type or position, you can do so in a way that is impossible to achieve using samples."

"What really sets MODO aside from sampled solutions, other than the ability to vary the sound so much, is the degree of control over how you interact with the bass in real time."

"The amount of detail you can apply if you deem fit is remarkable ... but in reality you don’t have to make that many tweaks to the performance for it to sound utterly convincing."

Paul's final verdict is:

"In all, MODO BASS is a remarkable piece of work and offers a far greater level of interaction and sound tailoring than any sample-based alternative I’ve tried to date - it is a seriously impressive alternative to a real bass guitar."

Key Points:

+ Hugely versatile, both tonally and in terms of playing technique
+ The instruments can be customised
+ Excellent bass amp modelling included

Subscribers can view the full Sound on Sound review here
Learn more on MODO BASS here

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