6 Feb 2017

USA Today's Coolest Gear at NAMM 2017: iRig Acoustic Stage

Jefferson Graham features IK's advanced digital mic system for acoustic sound

Jefferson Graham of USA Today chooses iRig Acoustic Stage as one of the coolest pieces of gear from Winter NAMM 2017, here are some quotes from the article:

“Amplify an acoustic guitar easily. In the past, guitarists would have to buy pickups and have them installed, which could be tedious. IK Multimedia has a great solution with iRig Acoustic Stage, a little $99 device the size of a guitar pick which connects directly into the sound hole opening of an acoustic guitar. It connects to a power pack that plugs into your amp, computer, phone or tablet, and offers a fuller, richer sound than some pickups.

Read the feature story on IK’s iRig Acoustic Stage from USAToday.com

Learn more about iRig Acoustic Stage for your next acoustic recording or performance

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