30 Apr 2012

iRig Mix Turns Music Listeners into Music Makers!

Wired's GeekDad explains why iRig Mix is great value for money

GeekDad's Andy Robertson has been taking a close look at iRig Mix and DJ Rig and likes what he sees!

Here are some of his comments:

"The iRig Mix hardware offers volume and cross faders to bridge the gap between the digital touch screen of the iPad and the analogue world of the musician."

"Trying this out I was impressed how simple it was to use. I'm certainly not musically talented and within minutes I had set up a couple of tracks and was switching seamlessly between them."

"The build quality is good, as I have come to expect from the iRig brand. I use the iRig Mic on a daily basis when recording video interviews on my iPhone"

"It was a nice luxury being able to control the speed and pitch of each tune on the big screen, but actually we found it worked just as well on the iPod touch when the iPads were "otherwise engaged."

"One of the best features is the DJ Rig app's track search engine that lets you quickly find the right songs to add to your current mix."

and GeekDad's final conclusion is:

"...  the quality and versatility of the iRig Mix hardware and DJ Rig app are hard to beat. For my family, finding a way to engage our children with music as creators rather than consumers certainly made it seem like good value for money."

Read the full review here

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