27 Jun 2016

AskAudio on iKlip A/V: "A great solution to a real problem!"

"The sound is leagues above what a phone mic will provide"

"If you're shooting video using a smart phone or a DSLR and want better shots, less camera shake, mic phantom power and much more in an easy to use and clever device, then you need to check this out."

AskAudio has reviewed iKlip A/V and resident mobile gear guru, Hollin Jones, was completely knocked out by its versatility and audio quality. 
Here are some of his key comments:

"The iKlip AV is a clever solution to both of these problems [camera shake and sound quality], and it really does elevate a decent smartphone’s video capabilities by a surprising amount."

"You mount any smartphone with a size of between 3.5 and 6 inches, which covers the majority of phones, using the expandable bracket. The whole unit itself can also be tripod mounted which is a nice bonus."

"iKlip AV is a great solution to a real problem: how to get better shots and better sound without needing a full-blown camera cage."

"I found it to be very handy, allowing me to get smooth and stable shots at far more interesting angles than I ever could by hand holding an iPhone. The sound too is leagues above what a phone mic will provide."

Hollin's final verdict was:

"All in all, an excellent way to turn your smartphone into a more professional video tool."

+ A great solution to a real problem
+ Get far better shots and footage with less camera shake
+ Monitor and set the level
+ Phantom power
+ Bracket for wireless receiver
+ Tripod mountable
+ Use it with cameras as well as phones

Read the full AskAudio review here
Learn more about iKlip A/V here

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