9 Jul 2024

IK Releases TONEX 1.7.4

A FREE update boosts the Ecosystem with new features and controls

We’re pleased to announce the release of TONEX 1.7.4, a significant update to IK’s TONEX Ecosystem based on powerful AI Machine Modeling™ technology. This technology lets users model their own rig, play, practice and record with over 31,000 ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals already available on ToneNET.

This update is FREE for all TONEX users and includes a variety of workflow enhancements and other new features. This release also includes TONEX ONE and TONEX Pedal firmware updates.

What’s new in TONEX 1.7.4

TONEX Player

The player gets three new features based on user feedback to make searching and managing Tone Models easier:

  • A new dialog gives you more options for deleting a Tone Model from a folder. You can remove it from only that folder or the whole library.
  • When hovering over a Tone Model in the list or card views, a handy preset name “Edit” button is available for easier name changes.
  • When browsing ToneNET within the app, you’ll find new sorting options by Amp Name and Stomp Name to help you find and demo gear faster.

TONEX Modeler

The Modeler now supports a two-microphone modeling setup using interfaces with two inputs. You can blend two sources using any 2-input interface, including the AXE I/O, which is ideal for simultaneously capturing your gear with two different mics or positions.

TONEX Librarian

A new Global Setup panel for TONEX ONE is accessible from the hardware top bar. It lets you fully control the pedal’s Global settings, including Global Cabinet (active/bypass), Direct Monitoring, Tuning Mode and Input Trim.


TONEX 1.7.4 includes a firmware update for TONEX ONE, adding support for the new Librarian Global Setup panel mentioned above in the TONEX Librarian, allowing you to change live settings faster than ever.

TONEX Pedal 1.3.3

Last, TONEX 1.7.4 also includes a firmware update for the TONEX Pedal, which improves latency by up to 35% when used as a standalone pedal rather than a USB audio interface. Experience even more responsiveness than before! 

We hope you enjoy this update as we continue developing and expanding the TONEX Ecosystem.


  • To get updated on Mac/PC, launch the IK Product Manager, go to the Software tab, and use the Update button next to TONEX.
  • Connect your pedal via USB to update its firmware and launch TONEX 1.7.4. Enter the Librarian tab at the top of the screen to allow the app to recognize your device and guide you through the firmware update process. 

Build your dream rig with one or both. TONEX Pedal and TONEX One each include AmpliTube 5 and TONEX software versions to explore and create exciting tones. Easily organize your favorites with the TONEX librarian and load them to the pedal for gigs or recording sessions. 

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product image




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