3 Jun 2024


Which one’s right for you? 4 new videos will help you decide.

Whether or not you already own a TONEX Pedal or TONEX ONE, these 4 videos quickly demonstrate what the two models have in common and what makes each useful for different purposes.

You'll also learn how they work together to build the ultimate pedalboard. Have a look!

1). Which Pedal Should YOU CHOOSE?

I analyze each pedal's similarities and differences and ultimately decide which pedal is best for which type of player.

Zach Brobst

2). Does TONEX ONE Sound The Same as TONEX PEDAL??

I examine that topic in depth, using several audio examples, so you can decide if you hear any difference between the two.

Jason Sadites

3). Are they REALLY the same??

I did a full "null test" and a latency comparison between a clean signal, the original TONEX pedal, and the new TONEX ONE. The results are interesting!

The Tone Shepherd

4). TONEX ONE + TONEX Pedal = Best Rig Option!

Now that the TONEX ONE is out, I had a brilliant idea about how to have the ultimate TONEX board.

Hey Worship Leader

Build your dream rig with one or both. TONEX Pedal and TONEX One each include AmpliTube 5 and TONEX software versions to explore and create exciting tones. Easily organize your favorites with the TONEX librarian and load them to the pedal for gigs or recording sessions. 

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