5 Jun 2024

Innovation Award for ARC Studio

Audiofanzine: "ARC Studio opens new horizons!"

Audiofanzine of France gives ARC Studio its Innovation Award for 2024. IK's affordable solution scores 9/10 for enhancing any studio mixing room. The article covers installation, the resulting room analysis and the positive impact of the correction on the listening experience.

If you're happy with your current studio monitors and would like to benefit from a calibration system adapted to your mixing room, the solution offered by ARC Studio, physically inserted between your audio interface and speakers, is ideal. The correction will be applied to all audio streams directed to the connected monitors and only to that pair.

Here's why ARC Studio won the Innovation Award:


  • A unique and very useful proposition
  • The convincing correction
  • Adjustments can be finely tuned
  • Provides a real service to musicians or mix engineers on a budget

This correction tool is overall really convincing, and above all, it meets a real need: you can keep your monitors if you like them, or choose the ones you like, then apply this correction to them depending on the room and thus optimize them.

Cet outil de correction est dans l'ensemble vraiment convaincant, et surtout, il répond à un réel besoin : vous pouvez garder vos moniteurs si vous les aimez, ou choisir ceux qui vous plaisent, puis leur appliquer cette correction en fonction de la pièce et ainsi les optimiser.


We don't always have the possibility of working in a perfect room or the budget to buy new monitors with integrated correction, and in this case, the ARC Studio proposal is really very relevant.

On n'a pas toujours la possibilité de travailler dans une pièce parfaite, ni le budget pour acheter les nouveaux moniteurs avec correction intégrée, et dans ce cas la proposition ARC Studio est réellement très pertinente.


The possibility of refining the equalization proposed is very interesting.

La possibilité d'affiner l'égalisation proposée est très intéressante.


Find the full Audiofanzine ARC Studio review in French HERE.

Improve your studio monitors and mixes instantly with the first out-of-the-box acoustic room correction system that anyone can afford. ARC Studio combines a standalone correction processor, new ARC 4 measurement software and a room analysis microphone.

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ARC Studio



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