25 Jan 2024

TONEX: Power Metal Bass Tones

Kohle Audio Kult presents pro tips for capturing bass Tone Models

In this video, Kristian of Kohle Audio Kult goes behind the scenes of Firewind's "Ode to Leonidas" with the album's Producer, Dennis Ward (Angra, Helloween). Because of a computer glitch, Dennis had to recreate the bass sound for that song using a TONEX capture of one of his bass rigs.

Having made many captures of bass gear, the producer discusses what he's learned about creating Tone Models with TONEX. Have a look.

What's neat about this (bass Tone Model) is I recorded it with a mic relatively far away because I find the low frequencies are slower and they just get captured better when you move the mic back.

When TONEX captures, you can have 100 milliseconds of latency and it brings it back together.

Dennis Ward

That speaks for TONEX, correcting whatever latency there is. The first time I did a capture, I was blown away that it was completely accurate. It ignored all the delay that was there before the signal. Amazing!

Dennis Ward

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