18 Jan 2024

Magnetic Mag on Precision 5

“IK Multimedia outdoes itself once again with professional-level monitors.”

Magnetic Magazine reviews iLoud Precision 5, one of three Precision models of premium studio monitors from IK. Being the most compact, Precision 5s are ideal for tight spaces, checking mixes against larger monitors, and mobile setups. In this case, the reviewer is stepping up from a pair of iLoud MTMs. How does Precision 5 compare? Let's find out.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below:

Right off the bat, they sounded big. Having spent some time with the 5s, I've come to love the new Precisions. The bass is rich and full, without being overpowering.

Producing on them is fun and even in a less-than-ideal room, I'm still able to get accurate mixdowns in my tracks.

Magnetic Magazine

The Precision series takes everything you've loved about the iLoud and MTM units and turns them into truly world-class monitors.

Magnetic Magazine

Amazing products that are still affordable, and punch way above their belt, the Precision series is a premium product. And that comes at a higher price. But even still, starting at $1799 for a pair is doable for many. Not to mention they are all handmade in Italy!

Magnetic Magazine

Read Magnetic Mag's full review on iLoud Precision 5 here.

Available in black or white for all 3 configurations — 2-way 5" or 6.5", and 2 x 5" MTM — these handcrafted works of sonic art deliver an unprecedented level of sonic detail with unique DSP-based features like built-in room calibration and breathtakingly accurate profiles of iconic studio monitors.

Learn more about iLoud Precision HERE

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iLoud Precision


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