7 Dec 2023

Simeon Amburgey on Pianoverse

Watch the new video series of IK’s wide-ranging piano plug-in

Simeon Amburgey explores Pianoverse in this expanded series of videos on IK's new virtual instrument. He covers all you need to know about the different pianos, spaces and cinematic effects that make Pianoverse the only piano instrument you may ever need.

All videos are indexed so you skip directly to different sections, enjoying Simeon's piano stylings along the way. Have a look and listen!

IK Multimedia has opened the door to the Pianoverse and invited me to come in to experience what this new concept for them is all about.

Simeon Amburgey

Today we continue our journey through IK's Pianoverse, listening to more sounds and spaces, and discovering velocity response and mic perspectives along the way.

Simeon Amburgey

Using the Tone Shift control, I am experimenting with creating a soft, felt-like tone quality using the Y5 Upright inside of IK's Pianoverse.

Simeon Amburgey

In this installment of our Pianoverse trilogy, we go into the amazing world of effects and immersive audio.

Simeon Amburgey

The Gran Concerto 278 is based on the magnificent Fazioli 278 with a versatile tonal signature that takes you from crystalline brightness to thundering lows.

Simeon Amburgey

Check out more videos from Simeon Amburgey on YouTube.

Explore a breathtaking sonic range, from the most true-to-life acoustic piano experience to the wildest atmospheric and interactive creative textures, all in a single plug-in. And all with incredible ease of use and an inspiring workflow.

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