10 Nov 2023

Lonely Rocker on iRig USB

“This gets you into the TONEX and AmpliTube ecosystem and is well worth it.”

In this video, Lonely Rocker compares iRig USB to iRig HD X and gives advice on which one might be best for you. They both get you into the TONEX and AmpliTube ecosystem, but they do have some differences you should know about before choosing one or the other.

Lonely Rocker makes it all easy to understand. Have a look.

The iRig USB and the iRig HD X both come bundled with TONEX SE and AmpliTube SE. If you were to buy just the software on its own, those would retail for about $200 apiece.

Lonely Rocker

If your main interest is TONEX and AmpliTube, then the cheaper entry point is the iRig USB. You get all that great software and a little interface thrown in for good measure, which is a great practice tool.

Lonely Rocker

If you're doing social media where you want to upload clips of you playing on Instagram or YouTube shorts, then I definitely recommend iRig HD X.

The Loopback feature is a game-changer. You can record tones from TONEX right into your camera app.

Lonely Rocker

Check out Lonely Rocker on YouTube for more tips on gear and recording.

Whichever iRig you choose and wherever you go, you'll enjoy inspiring tones for practicing, recording and performing.

product image

iRig USB


product image

iRig HD X



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