14 Nov 2023

UNO Synth PRO X with JunoDaily

“The UNO series has grown into something quite serious.”

In this review, JunoDaily presents IK's UNO Synth PRO X discussing all the new features and controls and how it compares to previous UNO models. They conclude that our new analog synth is "a more focussed and capable groovebox."

Here are some highlights from the review and a link below to learn more:

The PRO X is a fitting flagship model which holds its own against synths from much more established brands, the likes of the Korg Minilogue and Moog Mother-32.

To achieve this level of sound while remaining so portable is truly impressive.


The PRO X has plenty in common with the paraphonic PRO model, but it also adds a few nice new features.

There are now three envelopes, all of which can loop the attack and decay stages to be used as more complex modulation sources, alongside the LFOs.


The sound engine of the PRO was already good, but the PRO X updates add a decent level of extra versatility.

The PRO X can do everything from squelchy acid to sizzling paraphonic pads, huge supersaw leads and old-school analogue drum hits.


Check out JunoDaily's full review on UNO Synth PRO X here.

The UNO Synth PRO X is not only a fun sound-design partner but also the perfect musical companion on the go, adapting to any environment. Learn more about UNO Synth PRO X.

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