8 Nov 2023

5 Stars for The Farm Stone Room

Gearspace: “When you want HUGE drum sounds, the Stone Room delivers.”

Searching to make your drum tracks stand out? Look no further than The Farm Stone Room studio reverb, an accurate recreation of the stone live room of Genesis' personal studio at "Fisher Lane Farm."

In their review, Gearspace dives deep into the T-RackS plug-in giving it 5 stars for sound quality, ease of use, features, and bang for the buck. Here are some highlights and a link to the full review with audio demo below.

I found The Farm Stone Room to be another excellent processor. It's especially well-suited to drum kits, but more flexible than I had expected.



⊕ Excellent recreation of an iconic studio that helped define drum sounds in the ′80s.
Far more flexible sonic treatment than the real Stone Room ever was (and is no longer).
⊕ Clean, single-window layout with a logical control structure makes tuning in desired effects easy.
⊕ Can be used both as a plug-in directly in your DAW or inside the T-RackS 5 mastering shell.


⊖ Nothing to complain about, unless you wanted a wooden room!

I also found it can provide a range of reverberation and tonal effects for many sounds. I tried it on a boogie-woogie piano, electric rock guitar and an energetic female jazz vocalist and it provided a wonderful range of tonal variation.


While it would not be the only reverb I'd ever use, it certainly has many uses on tracks and groups when you have sounds you want to stand out in unique ways.


Read the full Gearspace review on The Farm Stone Room HERE.

Whether you want to get a drum sound as big as top hits recorded in the ′80s or add another dimension of HUGE to drum sounds useful in all styles of modern music from rock to hip hop, nothing else can get you the big smashed drum sound of T-⁠RackS The Farm Stone Room, available now from the IK online store

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The Farm Stone Room Studio Reverb

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