31 Aug 2023

haQ attaQ on IK’s New Synth

“The UNO Synth PRO X is glorious. The workflow in this thing is so fast!”

In this video tutorial, mobile music maker Jakob Haq walks us through the expanded controls and unique sound-design features of IK's new UNO Synth PRO X.

There's a lot to cover and he does a great job demonstrating the variety of sounds you can achieve. He also compares the new synth to the original UNO Synth Pro explaining their similarities and differences. Have a look:

This is basically the UNO Synth Pro with all the right upgrades: all the new per-function knobs, all the new buttons and an expanded ARP sequencer interface. I'm also super happy that they added a barrel DC jack on the unit.

Jakob Haq

I would recommend the UNO Synth PRO X to both beginners and advanced users. I think it's pretty brilliant how they solve the whole routing Matrix and it's very easy to build macros that you control with your modulation wheel.

Jakob Haq

Visit haQ attaQ's YouTube channel for more on mobile music-making.

Expand your rig with amazing analog sounds. Learn more about UNO Synth PRO X HERE.

product image



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