8 Aug 2023

Morley Oil Can Delay Demo

Ambient Endeavors: “A legendary echo effect with viscous, sloshy repeats.”

In this video, Ambient Endeavors tracks a song with IK's new AmpliTube Morley Collection, which brings together 3 classic and sought-after stompbox effects from the pioneers of effects pedals.

He leans into the Morley EVO-1 (Oil Can Delay), a rare effect pedal that uses a patented electro-static delay technology to create a lush velvety delay with hints of modulation unlike any analog echo. All of the other amps and effects we hear are included in AmpliTube 5 MAX. Have a listen.

AmpliTube Morley Collection features a fantastic recreation of this effect with some fun additional features from the original.

Ambient Endeavors

Visit Ambient Endeavors on YouTube for more gear demos.

Morley Collection features three classic stompboxes. Each effect captures perfectly the original's unique tone-shaping design with some added new features approved by Morley in the case of the EVO-1.

product image

Morley Collection




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