27 Jul 2023

AXE I/O ONE Video Roundup

Catch all the reviews of IK’s new guitar interface in one place

IK's AXE I/O ONE audio interface is ideal for guitar and bass players seeking to improve the recorded sound of their instruments. With tone-shaping controls not offered on any other device at its price of $/€129.99, AXE I/O ONE makes an affordable addition to any studio setup.

To help understand how these unique controls work, we've curated videos from top experts on guitar gear who discuss AXE I/O ONE in every detail. Watch and learn how to improve your guitar or bass tracks.

Taylor Danley

Ihat's a really nice feature for an audio interface in this price range, the fact that it has a dedicated output for reamping. Pretty cool!

Taylor Danley

Big Hairy Guitars


Jon Wright Music TV

Lonely Rocker

Juca Nery

Steve Sterlacci


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