13 Jul 2023

GI Reviews TONEX Pedal

“It feels great to play through. The amp sounds are amazing!”

Sam Bell of Guitar Interactive offers this hands-on review of TONEX Pedal, playing through a good selection of the Tone Models that come included.

Even if you don't want to model your own gear, TONEX Pedal comes with over 1,100 Premium Tone Models plus access to over 13,000 more on ToneNET to load to the pedal and keep you satisfied.

A versatile player, Sam reacts differently and performs in a new style with each tone he tries. Get ready to learn a few chords in the process! Check it out.

Most players now are going direct because that's what venues want and it's nice to get a good sound straight out of the pedal.

Guitar Interactive

The response is really impressive to my ears. It feels like I'm playing through a cranked Marshall and I'm hearing it back through some amazing studio monitors.

Guitar Interactive

If you were to hear isolated tracks from favorite recordings, these are the qualities that you'd be hearing. That says to me these will work great for home recording as well as live use.

Guitar Interactive

Read Gi's full written review on TONEX Pedal HERE.

Wherever you are, TONEX Pedal lets you choose from thousands of the world's most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes – then gig with them right at your feet. You've never experienced this level of authenticity and realism in a pedal before.

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