13 Jun 2023

Juca Nery Reviews AXE I/O ONE

“This is a great unit and very affordable. It's a whole package!”

In this video review, Juca Nery demos AXE I/O ONE, IK's new audio interface for guitar and bass players. Juca goes through all of the unit's features and controls for shaping your tone and plays through a variety of presets from the included versions of AmpliTube and TONEX. He also discusses what you can do with the Amp Out connection.

Discover if AXE I/O ONE is right for you, even if you already have an audio interface. Have a look.

You have software that already brings a lot to the table and you can do basically everything with this thing. And it has an Amp Out so you can re-amp or use it with TONEX to profile your amps.

Juca Nery

This is really cool if you have a guitar that has too much high end or a guitar that's too dark. You can shape the tone here. Very effective!

Juca Nery

And all those emulations you have here in AmpliTube or TONEX are amazing. There's virtually no latency. I can play this like I'm playing with the real amp with all the dynamics and stuff.

Juca Nery

Visit Juca Nery on YouTube for more reviews and tone tips.

AXE I/O ONE is the ultimate compact and affordable 1-in/3-out audio interface for guitarists with the included TONEX and AmpliTube 5 software. It combines IK's patent-pending Z-Tone® impedance control, an Amp Out for Tone Modeling and multiple circuit topologies for a complete digital studio rig.

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