9 Jun 2023

Lonely Rocker on AXE I/O ONE

“Right out of the box, you're going to be recording all sorts of great tones!”

Is AXE I/O ONE the best beginner audio interface for a guitar under $150? And is it only for beginners? To answer those questions, Dan of the YouTube channel "Lonely Rocker" reviews IK's new addition to the AXE I/O family.

Dan demos the interface's unique tone-shaping features for recording guitar and bass, as well as the Amp Out which he uses for recording or for processing DI tracks.

Watch and learn how AXE I/O ONE improves your tone and even your performance.

This inexpensive, entry-level audio interface is going to give you some great input options for recording your guitar and bass.

And you've also got built-in reamping, plus it comes bundled with AmpliTube and TONEX!

Lonely Rocker

The Amp Out is part of the reamping feature of this interface and I challenge you to find another interface this inexpensive that's going to give you that option.

If you have one guitar with one pickup you're going to get a wide range of tonal options here.

Lonely Rocker

If you're just getting started and looking to have a little home recording studio for guitar and bass, you're going to get great value.

And if you're looking to add some portability to your rig, this is a great option to take on the road.

Lonely Rocker

Visit Lonely Rocker on YouTube for more gear reviews.

AXE I/O ONE is the ultimate compact and affordable 1-in/3-out audio interface for guitarists with the included TONEX and AmpliTube 5 software. It combines IK's patent-pending Z-Tone® impedance control, an Amp Out for Tone Modeling and multiple circuit topologies for a complete digital studio rig.

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