7 Jun 2023

AmpliTube: From Clean to Metal

Sonic Drive Studio creates and demos 4 presets with recorded songs

In this video, Jon Symons of Sonic Drive Studio shares his ideas on creating great tones in AmpliTube 5. His basic philosophy is to keep it simple. He demonstrates this in four AmpliTube presets he creates for some original songs, gradually going from clean to more heavy-metal tones.

For each song, Jon uses a different guitar and isolates tracks within the recordings so we can judge for ourselves how the guitar sounds. Watch and learn.

I really like the fact that many of the amplifiers in AmpliTube feature all the switches and controls that the real amps have and also the spring reverb sounds. Really nice too. Very organic.

Jon Symons

It's a great thing in my opinion that AmpliTube now lets you load your own impulse responses. The IR loader is straightforward, but it does have some nice features.

Jon Symons

I think AmpliTube 5 is a great piece of software. It has many gear pieces to choose from: amplifiers, cabs and effects, so you can really get creative.

Jon Symons

Visit Sonic Drive Studio for more gear reviews.

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