25 May 2023

JayLeonardJ Demos TONEX Pedal

“Now you can fit your custom boutique amp in a backpack. Super cool stuff!”

In this video on TONEX Pedal, guitarist JayLeonardJ covers a lot of ground. He first demos some of the Premium Tone Models onboard the pedal with brilliant playing. And then discusses the benefits of using TONEX software to capture your favorite amp and loading those Tone Models to the pedal for live performance. Check it out.

We have something that really might change the way you approach live music creation.

You can write an album and get the exact tones you're using on this pedal. It's going to react and breathe exactly like it did in the studio!


The pedal does have all the models, all the cabs, all the features in it as well.

So when you get to your show live and you need to make a tweak, you can do it on the pedal and leave your computer at home.


Visit JayLeonardJ on YouTube for more reviews HERE.

Use TONEX to record your album and demos and take TONEX Pedal on the road with the exact same tones right at your feet. You've never experienced this level of authenticity and realism in a pedal before.

product image




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