10 May 2023

Digital DJ Tips on Precision 5

Learn how the new iLoud studio monitors create better mixes for DJs

Phil Morse from the Digital DJ Tips studio is here with another free DJing lesson. This week he's reviewing IK's iLoud Precision 5 monitors and taking questions from the DJ community. Are these the ultimate DJ monitor? Find out in the video below:

That is what gives you as a producer, or as a DJ who cares about how your mixes sound in different environments, something that's pretty unique.

Digital DJ Tips

If you're starting to produce and you want some really revealing flat speakers, or you've got a difficult room, I think the IK Multimedia iLouds are a really nice option for you.

Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips also published a detailed written review on Precision 5Here's an extract:

"If you're looking for a professional grade studio monitor that costs a mid-range price and punches way above its weight, take a look at these, and more importantly, take a listen to them.

"For DJ use, they're full enough sounding to, we suspect, work fine for you without ever adding a sub-woofer, and for small to medium production studios, again, they'd fit the bill nicely, with a revealing character and flat frequency response."

Available now in black or white for all 3 configurations — 2-way 5" or 6.5", and 2 x 5" MTM — these handcrafted works of sonic art deliver an unprecedented level of sonic detail with unique DSP-based features and breathtakingly accurate profiles of iconic studio monitors.

Learn more about iLoud Precision HERE

product image

iLoud Precision


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