31 Mar 2023

The Ultimate Mastering Guide

Master the concepts with GRAMMY winners Gavin and Reuben of Lurssen Mastering

IK is pleased to announce that we're collaborating with Produce Like A Pro on their new course: "The Ultimate Mastering Guide" featuring 5x GRAMMY winners Gavin and Reuben of Lurssen Mastering, IK's partner in creating the Lurssen Mastering Console.

In this comprehensive, 25+ hour course, Gavin and Reuben guide you through the entire mastering process, step by step.

You'll learn foundational concepts such as "How to prepare your mix for Mastering" with in-depth lessons on EQ, Compression and Limiting, plus 14 full-blown mastering sessions across various genres, and even Atmos Mastering.

With this course, Gavin and Reuben share everything they've learned by working with legendary bands such as the Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Toto, and Metallica as well as thousands of independent artists.

You'll be equipped with the tools, mindset and knowledge you need to take your sound to the highest professional level.

The course also comes bundled with the Lurssen Mastering Console plug-in, a $149.99 value, which replicates the entire workflow of Lurssen Mastering and their entire signal chain of mastering-grade analog gear.

You'll be able to use the same tools as these top Mastering engineers to bring to life the concepts you learn for immediate use in your own productions.

If you already own Lurssen Mastering Console, you can save $100 on the course.

Pick up The Ultimate Mastering Guide today at https://ultimatemasteringcourse.com

Full Table of Contents:

  • What is Mastering?
  • The goals of Mastering
  • How to prepare your mix for mastering.
  • Listening: How to identify problem areas in your mix
  • EQ
  • Dynamics (Compression, Limiting & Loudness)
  • In depth LMC walkthrough
  • 14 start-to-finish Mastering sessions spanning a wide variety of genres (Each mastering session includes mastering analog and digital. Reuben and Gavin are working in real time and give detailed explanations every step of the way)
  • Interviews with a-list artists, producers and mixers, discussing best practices for mixing and mastering
  • Atmos Mastering

Learn more at: https://ultimatemasteringcourse.com


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