21 Mar 2023

The Farm Stone Room Demo

Watch the video from SumnSumnSumn HTK to hear IK’s new reverb plug-in

In this recent video, SumnSumnSumn HTK demos T-RackS The Farm Stone Room, IK's latest studio reverb plug-in. Using MODO DRUM 1.5 for the drum tracks, the review shows how The Farm Stone Room works to achieve drum sounds that are only possible from its unique combination of controls and a well-designed stone room.

If you're making any kind of synthwave rock beats or anything where you're looking for some wide, some loud and some '80s-sounding drums, with all the controls you get on this reverb, this might be the one.

SumnSumnSumn HTK

The drums that I'm using for this are actually from IK Multimedia as well. They're called MODO DRUM CS. It's the free version. So if you don't have MODO DRUM, I recommend getting it because you can get some good-sounding drums.

SumnSumnSumn HTK

Visit SumnSumnSumn HTK's YouTube channel HERE.

Whether you want to get a drum sound as big as top hits recorded in the ′80s or add another dimension of HUGE to drum sounds useful in all styles of modern music from rock to hip hop, nothing else can get you the big smashed drum sound of T-⁠RackS The Farm Stone Room, available now from the IK online store

product image

The Farm Stone Room Studio Reverb




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